Land-based Casino Games

It’s no secret that land-based casinos are concentrated around the world. The largest gambling locations are the United States, Canada and China. And the latter is gaining stratified growth in popularity and opens the largest casinos in the world, ready to surpass even Las Vegas.

What are Land Based Casinos?

Land-based casinos are a world of excitement and exciting entertainment. It is here that every player can test their luck using one of the many games offered by the gambling house. 

The casino is commonly called gambling establishments. There are such games as roulette with dealers, gaming tables for dice or card games, rooms for poker, a space where slot machines are installed, and a lot of additional gambling equipment. The games of chance are conducted, where cash winnings and prizes are declared. Here are various promotions among players for large sums of money or expensive gifts. 

In addition to the games casino also has various additional facilities, such as restaurants, bars, discos or nightclubs and restrooms. Also, most casinos have hotels, where visiting players from other cities can rent a room with all the comforts. Also, some of the larger casinos have fitness rooms, conference rooms, pools, outdoor pools, spas, and more.

Casino History and Games Evolution

Gambling has been around since time immemorial. However, archaeologists know the finds of dice prototypes created a few thousand years before our era. 

The history of casinos began with the first gambling establishment in Europe, opened legally in Italy.

It took place in Venice in 1638, and the name of the casino was Il Ridotto. The term “casino” itself was formed from the Italian word “casa” (translated as “house”); respectively, “casino” translates as “small house.”

The Il Ridotto Casino is believed to have been set up to entertain people by gambling during the famous Venetian Carnival. Only the nobility was allowed in, so the stakes were very high. 

In France, the first casino appeared in Paris. It was possible thanks to Cardinal Mazarin, who was expected to replenish the state treasury with the help of gambling taxes. A novelty not seen before in this casino was the game of roulette, which quickly gained popularity with many players.

Over time, the experience gained in the gambling business made it possible to establish Las Vegas, the recognized capital of gambling entertainment, in the United States.

As for Canada, the pioneers who explored Canada in the fifteenth century discovered that the locals played a range of gambling games.

Nevertheless, the English pioneers managed to ban this industry for a long time. Finally, the English ruler Richard III imposed a strict ban on them in 1380.

In 1900, bingo and raffles were allowed to raise charitable funds. And in 1969, the government recognized the possibility of making a profit to the public treasury from lotteries.

The first such lottery was held in 1974 to raise money for the Montreal Olympics. 

The social and political events of the 1970s led to the rapid growth of gambling in Canada. The first commercial casino opened in 1989 in Winnipeg. Four years later, the next casino opened in Montreal.  Today there are many land-based casinos in Canada. The largest of all the establishments in Canada are Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Land-Based Casino Advantages and Features

Land-based casinos are no match for online casinos. Both have their advantages. But above all, in land-based casinos, the atmosphere plays an important role. Here, everyone is allowed to meet new people, smell the money, and tickle the nerves. Moreover, land-based casinos are always a feast not only of excitement but also a feast of live performances and vivid, unforgettable shows, which is held at the casino, if not every day, then every weekend.

Also, land-based casinos are a way out of the comfort zone. This is a lot of new experiences and unforgettable pleasant minutes of your favourite entertainment.

Casino Promotions

Casino players are offered a generous and rich program of promotions and bonuses. It consists of numerous promotions, tournaments, lotteries, jackpots, deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. 

Each casino also has club cards for VIP players, for whom additional drawings and bonus prizes are offered. In addition, they can participate in other promotions and are eligible for Cashback. Also, as bonuses, land-based casinos give players free or 50% discount checks for meals at restaurants and bars and hotel accommodation at the casino.

Casino Atmosphere

Internet gambling entertainment has become famous because it can be used very quickly. It is enough to go to the official website of the gambling establishment, put in money and choose to play for money. Casino gaming halls, inferior to virtual gambling clubs because they are not available everywhere. But for all licensed offline establishments, distinctive atmosphere. A unique atmosphere of sophistication, grandeur and elitism is created. For all this, this is what people come here for in many ways.

Casino Security

Security remains relevant for land-based casinos. A set of measures is used to protect against intruders. 

The structure of the land-based casino security system implies several directions:

  • patrolling the territory on which the institution is located;
  • control at the entrance to the hall;
  • security of the hall for games;
  • providing personal security for VIP clients;
  • uninterrupted video surveillance system;
  • security equipment: turnstiles, access control, etc.
Casino Guard

Security officers are dressed in civilian clothes. What distinguishes them is their high level of physical and psychological training and their attention to what is going on in the hall.

Security officers make sure that there are no cases of fraud, conflicts between guests of the casino and provide an immediate response in case of force majeure. Also, their task is to ensure that the machines and other casino property remain in pristine condition and are not subjected to vandalism.

General Casino Rules

Any person, who comes to a gambling establishment for the first time, needs, first of all, to learn the rules of the gambling games offered here. You can learn them only at a real casino table because different places and countries provide different variations of the games. However, entertainment such as roulette, blackjack or poker are considered classics, so casinos have different rules.

Traditionally, players need a special table, chips, cards, and similar equipment. Most of the game is played against the casino’s bank, but, for example, in certain varieties of poker, you can beat a real opponent. Different desires drive players: to have fun, to relax and, better yet, to hit the jackpot. In any case, to do so, he will have to understand the rules of the most common gambling games.

You should also remember that if you win in a casino and you are lucky, remember that your luck can come to an abrupt end. That is why most experienced players advise leaving the gaming table or gambling establishments in general after winning to stay in the black. Or move to a restaurant and celebrate your success there.

Casino Games Guides

Any land-based casino is replete with many games, and learning all the games, especially for a newcomer, is a daunting task. Nevertheless, the casino includes traditional table games with complex rules, lotteries, roulette, which also has its own rules, video poker, and slot machines and video slots. 

Below, we offer a more detailed breakdown of the main traditional land-based casino games.


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Baccarat is a simple casino card game known since the Middle Ages. If you want to play baccarat in a casino without the hassle of James Bond-style, then baccarat is your choice. In this game, you can bet on three possible outcomes: the player wins, the banker wins, and the draw. The game aims to guess who will score the most points and place your bet on it.

Rules and Strategies

Gamblers play against the establishment, which the dealer or banker represents.

Used a table with a special layout and one or more decks of cards on 52 sheets.

Types of bets

To participate in the deal, you must decide on the size of the bet and put chips on one of the available outcomes. In the classic variety, there are only three:

  • Player win (Player).
  • The winning dealer (Banker).
  • A draw (Tie).

Some modifications provide additional types of bets (side, side or special), which are made after selecting the main outcome:

  • Banker or Player Pair – two cards of the same value in a hand.
  • A perfect pair is two cards that match both in value and suit.
  • A large hand that scores 5 or 6.
  • A small hand, scoring 4 points.

Dealing Cards and Natural Combinations

After taking bets, the dealer deals two cards to himself and the player, and then the points are calculated separately for the dealer and the gambler. If the sum of points equals or exceeds 10, ten points are subtracted from the result. The task of the participant to score as close to nine points as possible:

  • Ace – 1
  • Numbers from two to nine – at face value
  • Ten, any pictures – 0

Example: The gambler received a two and a nine. The sum is determined by face value and is 2+9=11. Since 11 is greater than 10, 10 points are subtracted from the result. The final value of the gambler’s combination is 1 point.

The combination of eight and nine is called a natural combination. If the player receives a natural combination, the deal is completed, and the hand is compared.

Buying a third card

If the gambler gets up to 5 points, he gets a third card. The dealer makes the redemption if one of the conditions is met.

Determining the winner and the payout

After the buyout, the outcome is determined. The one who collected more points wins, and if the number is equal, a draw is declared. If the user wins the bet, the bet is paid.

If the gambler didn’t guess the result of the party, the chips put in goes to the casino’s income.

Payouts for the main outcomes are calculated taking into account the odds and the player’s bet:

  • Winning the gambler – x1.
  • Winning dealer – x1 minus 5% commission.
  • A draw – x9 (at some tables x8).
  • Multipliers for side bets:
  • Banker’s Pair, Player’s Pair – x11.
  • Perfect Pair – x25.
  • Large Hand – x0.54.
  • Small Hand – x1.5.


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Roulette is the most famous casino game of chance. In modern gambling, it is inferior in popularity to slots and blackjack, but there is no doubt that the absolute majority of adults in the world know how to play roulette.

It occupies an important place in mass culture.

Rules and Strategies

So, what is needed to play roulette? This is a special wheel with numbered cells from zero to 36, a ball that determines the winning number, and a table with markings for bets made by players. The field also has a certain layout with numbers from zero to 36 and additional cells for betting.

After all bets are made, the croupier launches the ball, which spins in the opposite direction from the rotation of the roulette wheel.

As for the bets, each player can bet as on the same number in the field, where the highest payout ratio will be 35 to 1. You can also bet on the red or black field. You can also bet on the intersection of the fields; the winnings can vary four to one, eight to one, six to one. 

It should not be forgotten that there are several varieties of roulette, the ancestor being the French roulette, which originated back in the 17th century. Today it is used in some elite casinos. Also, there are European roulette and American roulette with double zero.


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Blackjack is a classic casino game and one of the most popular card games in casinos worldwide. The game’s popularity stems from the simple rules, speed of play and the most straightforward strategy in counting cards.

Rules and Strategies

Blackjack, or 21. As the name implies, the game’s goal is to score 21 points. (Ace equals 11 or one, Queen, King and Jack = 10, and cards with numbers correspond to their denomination).

When a player starts the game with an ace and 10 points, it is called blackjack. Usually, the player wins money in it in the ratio of 3:2.

If a player has less than 21 points in his hand, well can pick up cards trying to get the necessary result. It’s worth noting that there are several blackjack variations—for example, Open Blackjack, Three-card Blackjack, Spanish or Caribbean Blackjack, Switch Blackjack and others.

By the way, it is worth noting that Blackjack can be mathematically calculated, which can not be done, for example, roulette. The most famous of them are “plus-minus” and “halves.”


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Craps are an alternative version of gambling entertainment, along with cards, roulette, reel slots, and a variety of lotteries. Craps game is common in Asia, which is considered the ancestor of this type of gambling.

Rules and Strategies

  • The first strategy is called – Not Seven (Not Seven).

This technique recommends that the player make bets, in which he always stays in the winner unless he falls seven.

  • The second strategy is progression-regression.

The essence of the system is to increase the bet after each win by the original bet amount. Thus, when a player wins, he should increase his bet, and when he loses, he should decrease it. This progression-regression tactic prevents even a beginner from losing significant money in craps.

The Independent Result of a Roll.

When wagering in the Craps game, it is necessary to remember that the result of a Craps roll does not depend on the previous roll.

If 20 times the seven did not fall out, the probability that the eleventh time will fall out is the same as the first time, no more and no less.

Luck, luck, everything here depends on it, or maybe on chance. Although in our lives, it all depends on ourselves.


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Poker is the most popular card game worldwide and is in particular demand among players. International poker tournaments are held, and poker bracelets are played. So if you think poker is just an entertainment game, for some people, it is not only the meaning of life but also their favourite job.

Rules and Strategies

Concerning poker, he has more than one option for the game. This well-known game, which is very popular all over the world. But it is in land-based casinos that special, adapted types of poker are used:

  • Oasis Stud;
  • Six-card stud;
  • European;
  • Texas;
  • Omaha;
  • With a joker;
  • Three-card poker.

The game of poker is played against a casino dealer. All players at the table play against each other, and the game is played for money. The casino gets only a small percentage from this game. The most common type of poker game is Texas Hold’em. Also, in any land-based casino, you can see poker enthusiasts playing Omaha, as well as five-card or seven-card Stud.

As for the game’s goal, players here need to score the most favourable, namely the highest combination of cards, ranging from a pair to a Flash Royal. The highest combination is the combination among the players. As for poker rules, they are somewhat different, and before the game, the dealer lights up the table.


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When they come to land-based casinos, most people prefer to play slot machines. We have all seen that casinos abound with a variety of slot machines, which are presented with three or five reels. They are all varied, with different themes. It should be noted that the slot machines account for most of the casino’s income. The big advantage of slot machines is that you can make miserable bets. But it’s worth saying that the slots are no less popular among gamblers than their choice of other games. 

Rules and strategies

So, as we have already mentioned, any land-based casino sets no number of slot machines, as they are in demand by absolutely everyone, especially beginners. The rules are very simple, and the game will not cause many difficulties for anyone. The basis is a video game, where the player spins the drum or runs the lever. The reels are scrolled, there can be three to five pieces, and after scrolling, stopping, a certain combination of symbols will fall, which will show the presence of the winnings. 

Throughout the game, all the player’s action is accompanied by music, sounds, animation or other elements that attract attention. In addition to scrolling reels, slots provide bonus games or free scrolling, allowing each player to increase their winnings.


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Keno is quite a fascinating game of chance, resembling a lottery and common in various casinos. In the world, keno is known more as bingo, which is played with pleasure by older players; in any case, it is trendy among them. The game is very simple corrected and very easy to get acquainted with.

Rules and Strategies

And let’s understand the rules of the keno lottery game. If its essence is that on a large field, there is a markup with numbers from one to 80. And also, there is a basket with numbered 80 balls. Of these 80 balls, 20 are randomly selected from the basket. It is these 20 balls and will be decisive for the player. Now in more detail.

In order to play, Keno players need to bet. The raffle ki or tickets to play Ken have squares with numbers from one to 80 on them. The task of the player to mark any number or numbers with a cross, which will indicate that the player is betting. The number of numbers crossed out by the player tells how much the player is willing to bet.

It is important to remember that you are allowed to bet on a maximum of fifteen numbers out of the eighty offered in a single game.

Selected by the player, numbers squares on his ticket correspond to the real numbered balls. Having made a bet, the player throws the balls with the corresponding numbers into the basket.

A particular machine blows air into the basket (also called a bubble basket in keno), and the balls are automatically mixed.

The balls are mixed. Now you push the lever and open a unique tube. In the tube, a mixed 80 balls go up one by one (you play because you and others). The casino randomly tosses 20 balls at a time.

The checker writes down the numbers of these 20 balls, and a particular computer system counts the bets made on these balls.

And now the best part, for which you played: you get paid depending on how many numbers fall out with the numbers you chose at the beginning of the game.