Best Trails in Winnipeg: A Blend of Nature and Legacy

Winnipeg, the gateway to the west, is not only rich in history but also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

The city’s extensive trail network provides a perfect blend of urban and wild, showcasing a diverse landscape from the banks of the majestic Red River to the heart of ancient woods. Among the plethora of trails, the Rivers West Red River Corridor shines bright, marking the original path of explorers that now serves as a serene retreat for nature lovers. Whether you’re keen on exploring the Red River boat ramps or curious about the Red River flow, Winnipeg’s trails offer an enticing exploration ground. With the Manitoba rivers gently flowing, each trail holds a unique story waiting to be discovered.

Rivers West Red River Corridor

Rivers West Red River Corridor Inc.

The Rivers West Red River Corridor is not just a trail but a journey through time. As you stroll along, the whispering trees narrate tales of the past, from the early settlers to the vibrant culture of the present day. The trail also serves as a practical classroom for Manitoba Grade 8 science curriculum, with kids from École St. Avila and St. Avila School Winnipeg learning about l’infiltration des eaux pluviales dans le sol through hands-on exploration. The diverse flora, including plante à petites fleurs and plante a grande feuille, offer a living spectacle of nature’s splendor.

Kildonan Park Loop

A paved walking trail at Kildonan Park, stretching for 1.2 miles. This trail, part of the Red River Winnipeg trail system, is suitable for all skill levels and offers great views of the park and the Red River Manitoba. As you wander, you might wonder about the natural life around, such as what do mice eat in the forest.

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Birds Hill Provincial Park Trails

Located 25 km from Winnipeg, this park offers a variety of hikes including the Tamarack Trail (11.5 km), Aspen Trail (6.5 km), and Blustem Loop (14 km). These trails offer a chance to explore Manitoba rivers and learn about the Red River source as you enjoy a serene hike.

Harte Trail

A tranquil trail in Winnipeg, perfect for walking and hiking. The surrounding area provides a natural escape from the urban setting, and as you travel along, you might stumble upon some educational boards explaining l’infiltration de l’eau as part of the Manitoba science curriculum.

Bunn’s Creek Trail

This trail is between 4-6 km round trip, depending on whether you turn around at Centennial Park or continue a bit further. This trail offers a serene route from Winnipeg to Selkirk, letting you enjoy the rich flora and fauna along the Red River Canada.

Assiniboine Forest Trails

Assiniboine Forest Trails

A 3.4-mile loop trail that traverses through various forest environments and an area of short grass prairie. The loop includes a portion of the Harte Trail following a former CN rail line. It’s a great way to experience the Manitoba River and Red River Cooperative Ltd efforts in maintaining the trail.

Treaty 1 Trail

A 93 km trail encompassing natural, gravel, and paved paths, suitable for a variety of activities including hiking, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing. The trail follows the Red, Assiniboine, and Seine Rivers, meandering through forests, parks, historic neighborhoods, and along old rail lines. This trail also forms part of the Red River Mutual Trail network, showcasing the unity and history of the River West and River Ouest communities.

Spots Along the Winnipeg Trail

Discover the beauty of Manitoba by exploring the spots along the Winnipeg Trails. The trails take you through the heart of Winnipeg, offering a blend of urban and natural experiences. Here are some highlights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  1. Lake Winnipeg Drainage Point: The picturesque trails provide a unique vantage point to observe where Lake Winnipeg drains into the Nelson River. The serene flow of water is a sight to behold, connecting you to the natural rhythm of the landscape.
  2. Selkirk Park Boat Launch: Take a detour to Selkirk Park, where you can launch your boat for a leisurely row or an exciting day of fishing. The boat launch is well-maintained, providing easy access to the Red River.
  3. Red River Online Resources: Before or after your trail adventure, check out Red River online resources to learn more about the river’s history, local wildlife, and other nearby attractions. It’s a great way to enrich your exploration of the area.
  4. Urban Trail Segments in Winnipeg: The Winnipeg Trails feature urban trail segments that traverse through the city, letting you experience Winnipeg’s vibrant culture. Whether on foot or on a bike, the urban trails are a great way to explore local neighborhoods, parks, and historical landmarks.
  5. Winnipeg Trails Association: Connect with the Winnipeg Trails Association to get the latest updates on trail conditions, guided tours, and community events. They are dedicated to promoting and enhancing the trail experience for locals and visitors alike.
Selkirk Park

Explore More Alongside Winnipeg’s Trails

Winnipeg’s trails are not merely paths but an invitation to explore the city’s soul. From the historical resonance of the Rivers West Red River Corridor Inc. to the tranquil escape offered by urban trails in Winnipeg, each trail is a passage to a different facet of Winnipeg. As you traverse these trails, don’t miss out on the unique experiences like a boat launch at Selkirk Park, a glimpse into Red River online resources for historical insights, or a quiet reflection on why the Red River flows north. So, whether you are a resident or a visitor, the Winnipeg trails are your ticket to a captivating journey through nature, history, and the vibrant spirit of community that defines this beautiful city.

Additionally, for those interested in ensuring safety on the water, the is a resource for boaters. And for further exploration, you can delve into Manitoba curriculum science resources to learn more about the ecological aspects of these trails.