About Our Project

Manitoba is a major player in the global tourism and entertainment scene. Driven by the iconic Riverswest, dynamic and innovative tourism partners, and a range of transformative experiences that attract visitors to all regions, tourism continues to be a powerful economic driver for Manitoba. 

Manitoba has already experienced tremendous momentum in the tourism and gambling market in recent years, and demand continues to grow. The growth in recent years has been driven in part by the arrival of major demand generators, such as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Assiniboine Park Conservation Centre, the expansion of the Winnipeg Convention Centre, and of course, gambling establishments, casinos. 

Casinos as a type of entertainment have become more and more popular in this region. Gamblers are in love with land-based casinos and their offers. 

The return of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team and increased hotel capacity has also contributed to Winnipeg’s growth as a vibrant, must-see urban destination.

In addition, the development and successful marketing of distinctive new experiences in the province have also spurred growth. For example, Riverswest and its industry partners embarked on aggressive marketing of the Churchill Beluga Whale Watching Tours only four years ago. 


Riverswest is an organization that develops the tourism culture among gamblers. Our main purposes:

Help to find the best land-based casino that meets all your needs

Introduce the beauty of Manitoba 

Introduce people from all over the world to a sight such as the Red River

Showcase Manitoba’s incredible historical sites that have no equal

Provide meaningful recreational opportunities, including outdoor activities in Manitoba 


If you want to get a great gaming experience and enjoy the beauty of the outstanding places in Manitoba, do not hesitate and contact our team by filling in the form below:

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